Updated August 27, 2016
Surfing Side by Side
Safe Surfing for the Whole Family
A site to help kids, parents and teachers explore the internet safely!

eNature Bird Songs 
 Kids USA
 Get a Surftificate 
 Digital Safety Guide 
Yahoo Kids  
  Calgary Zoo 
Time Island 
  Readers Digest 
  Rubiks Cube 
 Sports Illustrated for Kids 
 Discovery Kids   
  Weird Al 
 Ranger Rick 
  New Moon 
 Star Wars 
 PBS Kids
Moonlit Road
  Magic Tricks 
 Sony Playstation 
 The Case for Kids
 Willy Wonka's Candy Factory 
National Geographic Kids 
 Richard Scarry 
 Berenstain Bears 
 Headbone Zone 
 Earth Cam
 Sea World 
Beanie Babies  
 Electronic Zoo 
Mr Rogers 
Mysterious Places 
 Magic School Bus 
 Sesame Street 
 Discovery Online 
Fun Brain  
 PBS Online 
 Web Museum 
The Beary Patch 
 How Stuff Works 
   Virtual Pets 
 Monty Python 
 Nancy Drew 
 Ask Jeeves Kids 
 Popular Mechanics 4 Kids 
 Haring Kids 
 Robert Munsch 
 Harry Potter 
 Veggie Tales 
 Halloween Online  
 NASA Kids 

A BIG thanks to all those who have suggested sites!
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